What is Nutriculture?

Nutriculture is the premier virtual, full-coaching fitness program providing a cutting edge weight management system, tailored to the individual, backed by the latest science and geared toward optimally balanced nutrition (i.e. the last program you’ll ever need).

Nutriculture is changing the fitness landscape because we don’t believe in repeat customers. We believe that a course with Nutriculture will equip each and every client with the necessary skills, know-how, momentum and confidence to maintain their physical fitness for life.

Our Approach

Nutriculture is changing how the world approaches weight loss.

We use evidence based best practices in tandem with individually designed programming and 1 on 1 expert coaching to help you lose weight, build muscle and build lifestyle habits which will allow you to keep the weight off for good.

No Weight Loss Journey Is Easy, But Our Nutriculture Fit App Simplifies The Process

With all your fitness tools and resources in one place, you'll start getting results immediately.

Through our mobile app, you’ll have access to:

● Nutrition Tracking
● Programmed & On Demand Workouts
● Program Resources & Tools
● Daily Communication, Weekly Check-ins & Monthly Support Calls With Your Coach
● Community Support Groups and Collaborative Challenges
● And so much more.

With Nutriculture, You're In Control!

We are building a virtual program around you: around your schedule, your lifestyle, your hobbies, and your goals.

You're in control.

Stronger Together

At Nutriculture, we've built a growing community of people just like you, ready to lift you up and push you to do your best.

But beyond that, we strongly encourage and assist you in recruiting social support.

We believe involving loved ones on your journey multiplies your success because anything built together is stronger.

Who Is Behind The Idea?

Lorenzo Rodriguez, Nutriculture's founder is a personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist, certified by the International Sports Science Association. He's also an anthropologist who specializes in socio-medical anthropology and who's research has taken him from Bulgaria to the Dominican Republic, where he's researched social determinants of health among marginalized communities.

A McNair Scholar and Fulbright Scholar, Lorenzo has presented on topics related to social determinants of health at conferences across the US and for international NGOs, and he has also guest lectured for university students in Sofia Bulgaria and for medical students at West Virginia Medical School. Through his work, Lorenzo has identiifed access to nutrition education as being a key social determinant for health status, and it is in this realization that Nutriculture was born.

An academic and an entrepreneur, Lorenzo's vision for Nutriculture goes beyond the mission of a weight-loss company. Through providing what he believes is a cutting edge weight management system, tailored to the individual, backed by the latest science and geared toward optimally balanced nutrition, he's able to streamline adherance and success for every Nutriculture client.

However, beyond this cutting edge strategy, Nutriculture is on a mission to do well for the world. "I recognize that the service Nutriculture provides can be a bit pricier than our competitors, but I mean, you're comparing apples to oranges. Where other companies in theis niche have less than a 40% success rate for its clients, Nutriculture's client success rate is above 80%. This is not by accident, it's by design. And it's my dream to take this same sytem, build a philanthropic side to Nutriculture, and go out to help communities around the world live longer, healthier and nutritionally balanced lives. ~ Lorenzo, CEO